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Coach Doyle is Chris' baseball coach at James Woods Regional High School when he tries to deal with anger management issues in "Bookie of the Year".

When Chris gets angry and smashes a carnival game at a festival, Lois directs Peter to get Chris a hobby to try to dispel his anger. Peter shows him about pitching rotten apples at passing cars, but when he strikes Coach Doyle's car, he is invited to join the school baseball team. Chris becomes a sensation, but when Peter and the guys face loosing money when no one will bet against Chris anymore, they try to get him to lose a game, but Lois convinces him to win after all so the guys act on their own and break Chris' pitching arm. However, when Chris believes he can pitch just as well with his other hand, he manages to break Quagmire's arm with a pitch, then knock out Coach Doyle. With no one to remove him as pitcher, he manages to walk enough of the following batters that so Peter and the guys win their bets.

Coach Doyle is voiced by Kyle Chandler.

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