• "Pip"'s full name is given as "Margaret Woolworth Carrington von Schumacher Chanel Astor Livingston Compte de Saint-Exupery Mountbatten Windsor Armani Roosevelt Von Trap wykenhamp Hearst Montgomery Rothschild Johnson & Johnson Twillsworth Dolce Gabana Von Zweiger II Montgomery de LaRoche Geico Vanderbilt Lannister van Burean Butterworth How I Met Your Mother Wrigley Louise-Dreyfus Ludwig Morgan Stanley Dumont Lamborghini Forbes higbee Winthrop Chanel Remy Martin Fitzwilliam Kennedy Motel Six Fairchild Brook Pritzker Davenport von Stolen Monty Python Ellisworth Aston Martin Haverbrook Ziff Launder Hilton DuPont Kinkaid Winslow Coors Oviatt Marlborough Pembroke Huffington Bush Mellon Sinclair Mellencamp Starbucks van Dyke III Montgomery Marriott Barrington Chadsworth Big League Chew Chesterfield Kensington Boothbishop Longbottom Nottingham Meisterberg Burgermeister Tudor Hapsburg Rockefeller Onassis".
  • Herbert's house to the far side of Joe's in this episode places it at 35 Spooner Street. This contradicts the 2010 edition of the Family Guy Annual which placed it as 90 Spooner Street, as well as previous mentions such as in "Spies Reminiscent of Us" that indicated it was further down the street.
  • Herbert sings part of, and later dances to "Conga" by Miami Sound Machine.
  • During Herbert's musical number, scenes of himself and Chris from "The Courtship of Stewie's Father", "Chris Cross", "Play It Again, Brian", and "Brian the Bachelor" are shown.
  • Seth MacFarlane would win his 5th Primetime Emmy Award for his voice-over work in this episode.[1]
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