• Meg and Chris only appear in the final scene and laugh but have no other lines. Stewie only has two lines and one of them is in gibberish.
  • This is the second episode to have Peter, Joe, Cleveland, and Quagmire go on a road trip together since Cleveland left Family Guy to start The Cleveland Show, following "The Splendid Source". This time, Cleveland and Donna are visiting from Stoolbend.
  • Peter's ringtone for Lois is the theme song for The Cleveland Show, which flatters Cleveland himself.
  • The Comic-Con trailer had a scene that parodied the infamous "squeal like a pig" scene from Deliverance. It did not appear in the broadcast version. [1]
  • The jury for the trial of the gang is the main cast of The Simpsons, another reference to their supposed on-going "feud" with Family Guy.
  • When talking to Donna and Bonnie during their girltime, Lois mention's Natalie Portman's political causes and her fiancé, Benjamin Millepied who was relatively unknown until their engagement.
  • The guys decide to order food, carefully altering the names of restaurants and menu items to avoid copyright infringement. A similar gag appeared in "Halloween on Spooner Street".
  • It is indicated that Peter is lactose intolerant, as he asks for a glass of milk before bed so that he may have dream diarrhea.
  • The term 'dungarees' is commonly used for 'overalls'.
  • Although the DVD commentary acknowledges the vast number of shows doing a chain gang-themed episode, they specify their inspiration for the episode originated in an episode of The Incredible Hulk. However, Peter wears the number "1121" and Dr. Banner wears "1124".

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