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Courtney is Quagmire's daughter from a previous relationship that he met in "No Giggity, No Doubt".

When the guys 'crash' a party bus for the James Woods Regional High School prom and tag along, Quagmire meets Courtney at the dance and she goes back with him to his home after confirming that she is 18. But when they embrace, she exclaims 'giggity', which alarms Quagmire. A paternity test determines that she is indeed his daughter and when he finds out that she's rooming in less-than-ideal conditions and doesn't know her mother, he invites her to live with him.

Quagmire quickly takes to being a father, encouraging her in her gymnastics. Over a dinner with the Griffins, he invites Peter and Meg for a weekend father-daughter camping trip. Peter is less than enthused, and his bad attitude soon rubs off on Quagmire who takes his frustrations out on everyone, especially Courtney. Using a magnifying glass to look at a map, he accidentally sets it on fire and when he tosses it into the bushes, it sets the entire woods ablaze. Surrounded by flames Quagmire apologizes and promises that if they should survive, he'd be a better father to Courtney and they are rescued by firefighters.


  • Courtney has Quagmire's talent for improv, performing an impromptu skit with him on the camping trip.

Courtney is voiced by Mandy Moore.

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