Crazy for You

From the episode: Long John Peter
Singers: Chris Griffin, Cleveland Brown, Glenn Quagmire, Joe Swanson, Mort Goldman
Voices: Seth Green, Mike Henry, Seth MacFarlane, Patrick Warburton and John G. Brennan

"Crazy for You" is a single by American singer-songwriter Madonna for the 1985 film Vision Quest. It also appears remixed on the 1990 compilation album The Immaculate Collection.

Chris Griffin sings a verse in "Long John Peter" when he first sees Anna, one of Dr. Jewish's interns. Joe Swanson, Cleveland Brown, Glenn Quagmire, and Mort Goldman each bop in once.


Chris: I never wanted any one like this

It's all brand new;

You'll feel it in my kiss;

I'm crazy for you.

Cleveland: Bop

Quagmire: Bop

Joe: Bop

Mort: Bop

Chris: Ahhh...crazy for you.

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