Credit Card Debt
From the episode: In Harmony's Way
Singers: Peter Griffin, Glenn Quagmire
Voices: Seth MacFarlane

"Credit Card Debt" is a song performed by Griffin and Quagmire that they make up at Goldman's Pharmacy in "In Harmony's Way" when Peter picks up a ukulele in the store. The song discusses Peter's lack of care towards having $30,000 in credit card debt.


Hey, do you mind paying for this? I don't have any cash.
Sure, I'll just put it on my credit card. I'm never gonna pay it back anyway.
'Cause I have thirty thousand dollars in credit card debt.
When they call, I tell them I can't pay it back yet.
Credit card debt.
Tomorrow, I may buy myself a dining room set
Or this Boba Fett!
Peter and Quagmire:
Credit card debt, credit card debt,
Credit card debt!
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