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  • Chris Christie's portfolio image from Celebrity Measurements website serves as Meg's fake ID photo.
    • On the ID, Meg's height is listed as 4'8" and weight as 160.
  • Lois cites lyrics to "Smooth Criminal", originally recorded by Michael Jackson when trying to communicate with Annie, a comatose hospital patient.
  • Eddie Murphy's "Party All the Time" plays during Meg and Peter's drinking montage.
  • After peering at Stewie's bottom as Brian pauses watching for his pizza order, Principal Shepherd proceeds to enter an en-suite bathroom, implying that he either had, or was about to masturbate.
  • Although Shepherd mentioned his divorce in "Once Bitten" and wife was identified as his ex in "The Peter Principal", this episode implies that they are still married at this time.
  • Finding a bag from Taco Bell confirms Lois' and Peter's fears that Meg has been drinking.
  • Peter notes at the end of The Usual Suspects that the character was gay all along. He is referring to Kevin Spacey, who came out as a gay man in the wake of a sexual harassment allegation.[1]
  • Principal Shepherd's first name is revealed to be John.

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