Screenshot Title Appear in Cutaway Owner Episode Order Season No.
AqLyle1.png 'Sort-of' gay flashback Yacht Rocky Peter Griffin 1 18
Peter has a 'sort-of' gay flashback before he passes out.
3billboards.png Three billboards outside of Quahog Bri-Da Joe Swanson 1 18
Joe hopes the guys will take down the three billboards they put up about him.
Shuttleview.png Beautiful view Bri-Da Brian, Ida 2 18
Ida notes that Brian keeps taking her to out of the way places, like the space shuttle, while the latter insists it was just for the beautiful view.
EugeneB.png Hiding Bri-Da Brian 3 18
Brian vows to quit hiding, like Peter and his formaldehyde jars.
HowsWaldo.png How's Waldo Bri-Da Brian 4 18
Brian isn't the first person to deliver tough news, like when they found Waldo.
Meaninglessevent.png Meaningless event Absolutely Babulous Brian 1 18
Brian tells Stewie his race is a meaningless event, like a Bar Mitzvah.
Müeslix.png Müeslix Absolutely Babulous Peter Griffin 2 18
Peter thinks staying with Lois' parents sucks worse than Müeslix.
Chriscasino.png Casino job Absolutely Babulous Stewie Griffin 3 18
Stewie decides he just has to apply himself, like Chris did when he took that casino job.
Grease2.png Belonging together Absolutely Babulous Peter Griffin 4 18
Peter insists that Babs and Carter belong together, like the couple from Grease.
Kitchenspider.png Spider in the kitchen Disney's The Reboot Lois Griffin 1 18
Lois notes that meeting with the boss is worse than finding a spider in the kitchen.
LostSudan.png Lost boys of Sudan Cat Fight Principal Shepherd 1 18
Meg and Chris get the lost boys of Sudan to take their place in gym class.
Gunsgermssteel.png Guns, Germs and Steel Cat Fight Peter Griffin 2 18
Peter has a bad experience at Christian camp.
Bugs1.png Squashed like a bug Cat Fight Glenn Quagmire 3 18
Quagmire threatens to squash Brian like a bug, irritating some insects.
1940scomedyschool.png 1940s comedy school Cat Fight Meg Griffin 4 18
Meg thinks that Sunrise Woods Bible Camp is worse than the time that Peter sent them to 1940s comedy school.
Bugsteins.png The Bugsteins Cat Fight Peter Griffin 5 18
Peter's facts on the Holocaust is too much for the bug family.
Laxcommercial.png Gurglemax Cat Fight Stewie Griffin 6 18
Stewie notes that he hasn't done anything with Brian since the fiber commercial in which they had to find code words for pooping.
Officedepot.png Office depot Cat Fight Stewie Griffin 7 18
Stewie has a vest from when he worked at Office depot.
Troystory.png Troy Story Heart Burn Cleveland Brown 1 18
Cleveland looks forward to hanging out with his kids not at the Trojan war is over.
Storyteller2.png Rock hard Heart Burn Peter Griffin 2 18
The Storyteller confirms Peter's suggestion that Medusa can make one rock-hard.
RomeoFeud.png Family Feud Heart Burn Carter Pewterschmidt 3 18
Carter won't play host to a family feud.
Wendell.png Denise & Wendell Shanksgiving Joe Swanson 1 18
Joe dislikes his show-off in-laws.
Jacx04 017 02a-0005.jpg Quagmire's Sex Dolls Shanksgiving Glenn Quagmire 2 18
Quagmire spends Thanksgiving with his sex dolls.
OrlandoG.png Prison yearbook Shanksgiving Peter Griffin 3 18
After getting a tooth knocked out in a fight, Peter hopes he looks like a kindergartener in the prison yearbook.
ImitationChris.png Imitation Chris Shanksgiving Joe Swanson 4 18
Joe disguises himself as Chris.
Subway.png Subway Christmas is Coming Lois Griffin 1 18
Lois compares the dampness in Meg's room to Subway when they make the bread.
JoePaterno.png Joe Paterno Christmas is Coming Peter Griffin 2 18
Peter gives Mega good pep talk, which he says he learned while being a football player for Joe Paterno.
Skeelo.png Skee-Lo Connie's Celica Peter Griffin 1 18
Peter encourages Chris not to mess up his education, like Skee-Lo did when he made his wishes.
Jacx08 051 04a-0178.jpg Authority figure Connie's Celica Brian 2 18
Brian tells Lois that she has to stand up to the high school students, like he did with the squirrels.
AmyKHarmon.png Armenian kid in a candy store Connie's Celica Stewie Griffin 3 18
Stewie notes that Connie D'Amico's bullying must mean business, like an Armenian kid in a candy store.
Peppa Pig.jpg Peppa Pig Connie's Celica Joe Swanson 4 18
Joe has to give Mummy & Daddy Pig bad news about their daughter, Peppa.
Sizzler.png Sizzler Short Cuts Brian 1 18
Brian recounts how his new-found fame allowed him to preside over the opening of a new local business.
ChicagoSeinfeld.png Chicago Seinfeld Short Cuts Stewie Griffin 2 18
Stewie notes a relaunching of Seinfeld set in Chicago.
Amateur photographer.png Amateur photographer Short Cuts Peter Griffin 3 18
To show his displeasure at Lois' new haircut, Peter pledges to be more annoying than an amateur photographer.
BeatyBenning.png Warren Beatty & Annette Bening Short Cuts Stewie Griffin 4 18
Stewie points out that being easily distracted isn't all bad, noting it saved Warren Beatty and Annette Bening' marriage.
SenseiDan.png Dirty fighter Short Cuts Brian 5 18
Brian notes that without his testicles, he'll finally be able to take on that kid that's a dirty fighter in his karate class.
Jacx13 010 04-0215.jpg Fart balloon animals Undergrounded Peter Griffin 1 18
Peter thinks getting a secret credit card would be great, like when he made fart balloon animals.
Facebookfood.png Facebook food Undergrounded Peter Griffin 2 18
After a fight with Lois, Peter tells Brian that Lois is pretending nothing has happened on Facebook so she can still post pictures of food.
CharlotteClappys.png Clappy's birthday restaurant Undergrounded Peter Griffin 3 18
Refusing to leave the house while grounded, Peter tells Brian that he's going to miss his Sunday shift it Clappy's birthday restaurant.
KelseyBB.png Good boy Undergrounded Brian 4 18
Brian promises to be a good boy for Peter after seeing what he did to a black belt.
Jacx13 329 02-0105.jpg Having things covered Undergrounded Peter Griffin 5 18
Peter has things covered if Lois finds out he left the house.
PresidentPolarBear.png President Polar Bear Rich Old Stewie Stewie Griffin 1 18
Stewie notes that they have a polar bear for President when global warming is found to be a hoax.
Shocker.png Shocker Rich Old Stewie Stewie Griffin 2 18
Stewie's falling out with the family was because they wanted him to be something he wasn't.
Jacx12 325 03-0001.jpg United Airlines Rich Old Stewie Brian 3 18
Brian notes that some things haven't changed, such as Cleveland being on hold with United Airlines for years.
Seamushold.png Spirit Airlines Rich Old Stewie Brian 4 18
Seamus has also been on hold with Spirit Airlines.
LukeMovment.png 'Cool Hand' Luke The Movement Peter Griffin 1 18
Peter hasn't seen so excited since he met 'Cool Hand' Luke.
JWPBG2.png John Wilkes 'Photo Booth' Griffin The Movement Peter Griffin 2 18
As an activist, Peter thinks he'll go down in history like his great-grandfather, John Wilkes 'Photo Booth' Griffin.
JoeTroy.png Small booth The Movement Peter Griffin 3 18
Peter feels more uncomfortable than two sports announcers in a too-small booth.
TargetDog.png Dogs in Target Baby Stewie Lois Griffin 1 18
Lois touts the family's superiority of the people who work at Target.
BozoClown.png Bozo the Clown Baby Stewie Stewie Griffin 2 18
Stewie wonders if there is a Bozo the tax accountant.
JamesTaylor2.png James Taylor Baby Stewie Stewie Griffin 3 18
Stewie insists his Gene altering device will change the world, just like James Taylor changed rock and roll.
Stalloneface.png Sylvester Stallone Baby Stewie Stewie Griffin 4 18
Brian decides to seek the family's help with Stewie, noting that even Sylvester Stallone needs help from someone.
Jacx16 012 02-0050.jpg Poker lie Start Me Up Peter Griffin 1 18
Peter claims the only time he lies is when he plays poker.
Class1song.png Class 1 Start Me Up N/A 2 18
A class studies Peter's mistake.
FreeSolo.png Free Solo Start Me Up Stewie Griffin 3 18
Stewie thinks Brian's idea to make a scam out of their film is better than Free Solo narrated by a concern Midwestern mom.
Class2film.png Class 2 Start Me Up N/A 4 18
A class studies what Stewie, Chris and Brian did wrong in making their film.
PresentdayMadonna.png Present-day Madonna Coma Guy Lois Griffin 1 18
Lois claims that Peter embarrassed her worse than playing 'Truth or Dare' with present-day Madonna.
Rentalconvertible.png Rental convertible Coma Guy Meg Griffin 2 18
Meg thinks Peter's obsession with Van Halen is as crazy as JFK cruising through Dallas in a rental.
BlackMirror.png Black mirror nightmare Coma Guy Lois Griffin 3 18
In recalling his stupid stunts, Lois is surprised that Peter hasn't died yet in some black mirror techno nightmare.
High maintenance.png High maintenance Coma Guy Peter Griffin 4 18
For revenge, Peter vows to be more high maintenance than a white woman on vacation.
Holograms.png Holograms Better Off Meg Stewie Griffin 1 18
Stewie and Brian ditch Meg's funeral to play at Chuck E. Cheese.
Christmasdongs.png Christmas dongs Better Off Meg Stewie Griffin 2 18
Stewie imagines his life 30 years in the future.
GodAmOffice.png American The Office Holly Bibble Peter/Adam 1 18
Adam wants to know when God is going to get around to inventing the American version of The Office.
Night Security.png Night time security guard Holly Bibble Chris Griffin 2 18
Chris decides he'll read the Bible when he becomes a nighttime security guard.
Notgay.png Dianetics Holly Bibble Chris Griffin 3 18
Chris credits Dianetics for not being gay.
SiriusXM.png All Natural Movin’ In (Principal Shepherd’s Song)" Stewie Griffin 1 18
Stewie compares Chris to a Sirius XM radio host.
BiggestBoy.png Biggest Boy Movin’ In (Principal Shepherd’s Song)" Peter Griffin 2 18
Peter has a fantasy of Chris winning 'Biggest Boy' at the State Fair.
Honestwitch.png Honest presentation Movin’ In (Principal Shepherd’s Song)" Stewie Griffin 3 18
Stewie insist that he's presenting Brian honestly, like he did with the witches in Salem.
Christopher Walken.png Christopher Walken Movin’ In (Principal Shepherd’s Song)" Stewie Griffin 4 18
Stewie prompts a fourth wall reaction from Christopher Walken, who notes that Brian is dumb.
Re-energized.png Re-energized Movin’ In (Principal Shepherd’s Song)" Peter Griffin 5 18
Peter feels re-energized, like when his old high school crush got in touch with him on Facebook.
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