Stewie: It's possible we've taken this too far.
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Brian: I'm warning you, if you kill me the internet's gonna freak out.

Lois: Oh, Meg. You have to babysit for Stewie, Saturday.
Meg: Nope.
Lois: Okay. Chris, you have to do it.
Chris: What? That's not fair. I have a party to go to.
Lois: Sorry, Meg found pictures on your father's computer and she's blackmailing us. She can do what she wants until we get some dirt on her.
Peter: I didn't know it was supposed to be hard before I took the picture.

Stewie: You have a pager?
Chris: Yeah.
Stewie: You get paged?
Chris: Yeah, that's how a pager works.
Stewie: Why don't you just get a phone?
Chris: Um, you mean one of your government tracking devices? No thanks, I'm using a pager. Oh, you're looking at your steps? No, the government's watching where you're going. It's not nap time, Stewie. Wake up.

Government Official #1: Okay, Stewie's going to the party.
Government Official #2: Yeah, but where's Chris going?
Government Official #1: I have no idea. He's completely off the grid!
Government Official #2: Dammit! He can't hide forever!
[The government officials look at a screen, which tracks everybody except for Chris]
Government Official #2: Where are you?

Stewie: I see we're smoking.
Teenager: We're not smoking, we're vaping.
Stewie: What's the difference?
Teenager: Smoking is for losers. Vaping is for douchebags.

Brian: I'm a dog. I can hear everything. By the way, the Stranger Things monster just farted.
[Cutaway to Hal the Demogorgon in The Upside Down]
Hal: Whoo! Must have been that fat chick I ate.

[Brian gets put in a cage at the pound]
Brian: Jess is having me put down!? Oh my God! This can't be happening!
[A rabid Clifford the Big Red Dog, is shown in the cage next to him]
Clifford: Did you also eat a kid?

Peter: When is Brian coming back?
Jess: Oh, never. I'm having him euthanized.
Peter: Euthanized!? Oh my God!
[Peter hurries to his car and speeds down the road]
Peter: Come on, come on!
[Peter rushes into a library and looks through a dictionary]
Peter: Euthanize ... Euthanize ... Euthanize.

Lois: Well, Brian, I'm sorry that Jess died during the commercial break.

Meg: [to Lois] You're such a bitch.
Peter: She's a bitch? Meg, you said you wouldn't tell Stewie's secret!
Chris: Stewie, you told dad?
Stewie: I had to get it off my chest. I didn't think he'd understand me.
Peter: I understand pieces now and then.

Chris: You're smoking the vape pen?!
Lois: No, I'm smoking a real cigarette like mothers are supposed to do.
Chris: You're such a hypocrite! At least vaping is healthy!
Lois: Don't be an idiot! Vaping is just as bad and you look like a douchebag!
Chris: No, I don't! I look cool.
Lois: [hands Chris the vape pen] Go ahead. Hold it to your mouth.
[She takes a picture, then shows him the picture of him vaping with a stupid grin]
Chris: Oh, my God! I'm a douchebag!

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