• In the scene where Peter and the guys at the party are watching television, the television has no cord.
  • When Peter is being questioned by the judge, a microphone in front of him is shown in some scenes, but in others there is no microphone.
  • When Peter winks at the camera wearing an afro wig, the wig is black, but when he sits back down, the wig is brown.
  • When Brian hits Peter with the newspaper it says "Daily Informant" but when the newspaper is on the table it says "Daily Times".
  • During the dinner scene Brian is sitting down but when Peter says "So I'm just gonna tell a little lie, OK." Brian is standing on the chair until Lois puts the food on his plate.
  • When Lois tells Peter she needs the checkbook her feet are the same color as her shoes.
  • When Brian asks how much they are getting his head overlaps his collar.
  • During the scene where Peter says he will take everyone to the most expensive meal they have ever had, Stewie's eyes are much larger than they are supposed to be.
  • In the flashback where Peter gets drunk from butter rum ice cream, his eyes constantly change size.
  • In one of the courtroom scenes, Stewie is missing his overalls.
  • When Lois reminds Peter about the time he got drunk on communion wine, Peter's right eye goes over his nose.
  • In the scene where Stewie is retrieving his mind control device, the cupboard door is open, then when Lois walks into the kitchen, the cupboard door is shut.
  • When Peter is stammering about the food budget in the kitchen, the buttons on his shirt are not there but in the next scene they are.

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