Der Kommissar
From the episode: "German Guy"
Singers: Franz Gutentag
Voices: John Viener

"Der Kommissar" is a song first recorded by Falco in Viennese German in 1981, covered a year later by After the Fire and reworked in 1983 by Laura Branigan. Originally written by Robert Ponger and Falco, the Falco version reached the top of the charts in many countries.

Franz Gutentag sings "Der Kommissar" with a puppet of Chris Griffin to demonstrate the fun of puppetry to Chris in "German Guy".


  • Franz calls the song the "pop singing of today" despite the song being first recorded 30 years before the airing of the episode.
  • Chris afterwards states "That was the Germanest thing I've ever seen!", in ignorance of Falco being Austrian.


Ich überleg bei mir, ihr Nas'n spricht dafür
währenddessen ich noch rauch'
Die Specialplaces sind ihr wohl bekannt,
ich mein, sie fährt ja U-Bahn auch

Dort singen's:
Drah' di net um - oh, oh, oh
Schau, schau, der Kommissar geht um - oh, oh, oh

rough translation:
I'm thinking by myself, her nose tells about it
while I'm still smoking
She knows the "special places" well,
just saying, she rides the subway, too

There they're singing:
Don't turn around - oh, oh, oh
Look, look, the inspector's stalking around here - oh, oh, oh

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