The Walt Disney World Resort is the world's largest and most visited recreational resort.

The resort complex opened on October 1, 1971 with only the Magic Kingdom theme park. It has since added Epcot (October 1, 1982), Disney's Hollywood Studios (May 1, 1989) and Disney's Animal Kingdom (April 22, 1998)

When a boneless Peter is thrown from the Teacup ride at Disney World in the "Family Guy Viewer Mail No. 1" segment "No Bones About It", he lands in a locker room where Michael Eisner uses him as a towel while heading into the sauna.

In "The Courtship of Stewie's Father", Peter takes his infant son Stewie to Disney World in Florida. Stewie wanders off and then is captured by the security guards and put into "It's a tiny, tiny world" an attraction where they make him sing. Peter ends up going in the attraction where he finds Stewie and the other children and saves them. Michael Eisner appears and attempts to pull out Peter's heart. Peter punches him and Michael falls into a lake of crocodiles. Father and son embrace, and Stewie’s faith in Peter is restored. Peter and Stewie return home. It should be noted that the road sign in episode does not specify "Walt Disney World", only "Disney World".

Michael Jackson also appears in Walt Disney World when Peter and Stewie watch Captain EO. Michael Jackson runs out of the screen, in an exaggeration of the 3D graphics, and grabs a kid in the audience.

In "3 Acts of God", Brian notes that Peter thinks the family gets lucky every time they visit Disney World because Mickey Mouse happened to be there that day.

When Joe takes to guys along to Niagara Falls where he plans to commit suicide in "#JOLO", Quagmire is disappointed that he didn't pick Disney World instead and just shoot himself in the room.

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