Dodge Tough
From the episode: Peternormal Activity
Singers: John Cougar Mellencamp
Voices: John Cougar Mellencamp

Dodge Tough is a fictional song sung on the radio by John Cougar Mellencamp in "Peternormal Activity" that oddly outlines Peter and the guys having buried the body of a man they killed the previous night. After Lois quoting some of the lyrics freak Peter out, he doesn't recognize it at first, until the final lyrics that he realizes are from a car commercial. Later, Joe would remark on the events in the song as well.


They went up there to write a movie

Peter, Quagmire, Cleveland, and Joe

Killed the old janitor

War hero

Just why, we'll never know

Peter: I don't remember this one.

This has never been in a car commercial.

In a truck that's built Dodge tough

Peter: Oh, yeah, now I know this one.

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