Earth Angel
Earth Angel.png
From the episode: Meet the Quagmires
Singers: Marvin Astley
Voices: Luke Adams

"Earth Angel (Will You Be Mine)" is an American Doo Wop song, originally released by The Penguins in 1954. It is notable for the performance by the fictional Marvin Berry and the Starlighters in Back to the Future.

In "Meet the Quagmires", which parodies the film, the song is sung by Marvin Astley, the lead vocalist of the house band for the Newport Country Club Dance. Brian was an emergency substitute on guitar. Lois Pewterschmidt has said she loves the song.


Marvin Astley: Earth Angel, Earth Angel

Lois: Oh, I love this song

Marvin: Will you be mine?

My darling dear,

Love you all the time...

Peter: Lois, May I have this dance?

Lois: Peter, what are you doing here?

Peter: I love you Lois Pewterschmidt. And not Quagmire or any man, she-male, robot, or sentient robot curious about its own existence is going to keep you from me.

Lois: Peter, I am here with Glenn. You had your chance with me and you blew it. Now leave us alone.

Peter: Is that what you really want Lois?

Lois: Yes it is.

[leaves dejectedly]

Peter: Well, I guess that's it. Who the hell am I kidding? I don't deserve her.

[Brian stares at the photograph as the kids vanish]

Brian: Come on Peter, prove to Lois that you love her. It's your last chance.

[as Lois and Quagmire start to kiss, Peter approaches]

Peter: Hey Quagmire!

Quagmire: Huh?

[punches Quagmire]

Peter: Sorry Lois, but I have to do this.

[kisses Lois]

Lois: Oh Peter! That was so passionate. Well, I didn't know I meant that much to you.

Peter: Are you kidding? I couldn't bear to live without you. I came back thinking I was missing something in my life, but what I almost missed was the best thing that's ever happened to me.

Lois Pewterschmidt, will you be my wife?

Lois: Yes, yes I will.

Marvin: Earth Angel, Earth Angel

Please be mine?

My darling dear

Love you for all time

I'm just a fool

A fool in love with you

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