Evil Monkey Song
Evil Evil Monkey.jpg
From the episode: Saving Private Brian
Singers: Chris Griffin and Splash Log
Voices: Seth Green

"Evil Monkey Song" is a song written by Chris Griffin and performed by Splash Log, a band formed by students at Buddy Cianci Junior High School. The song expresses Griffin's frustrations about an Evil Monkey living in his bedroom closet. It is performed in "Saving Private Brian".



Chris: ♪ Evil monkey holds the key ♪ ♪ Evil monkey's gonna get me ♪

♪ I'm hiding underneath my sheets for fear he'll point and show his teeth ♪

♪ Evil, evil monkey! ♪

Audience: ♪ Evil, evil monkey! ♪

Chris: ♪ Evil, evil monkey, OWW!! ♪

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