Family Guy: Crazy Interactive World is line of figures released by Playmates Toys following Mezco's license with Family Guy ending and taken over by Playmates. The figures are similar to the "World of Springfield" line. When figures are connected to pegs on playsets, the figures can "talk."

Series One

Released on July 30, 2011.

Figure Accessories
Peter Griffin Mug of Beer, Case of XXX Beer
Brian Griffin Bone, Coffee Mug
Stewie Griffin Rupert, Baby Cup
Glenn Quagmire Wine Glass
Cleveland Brown Mug of Beer
Halloween on Spooner Street Stewie Trick-or-Treat Basket

Series one playset

Lois Griffin w/ Griffin Living Room

Series Two

A second series was announced but never released.[1]

Figure Accessories
Death scythe
Chris Griffin Evil Monkey
Meg Griffin
Joe Swanson wheelchair
Tuxedo Brian Griffin dog bone

Series two playset

The Drunken Clam 

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