Family Guy fight

Family Guy: Uncensored is a 2009 iPhone/iPod Touch app that was designed by Glu. The app can be bought for $0.99 on the iTunes App Store, and a free lite version is also available for download.


Peter is watching a porn episode on TV when the power goes out, and decides to go to The Drunken Clam. Brian, in the bathroom, also notices this as Stewie comes out and demands a late fee. Brian dodges Stewie's weapons and traps long enough for Lois to pick up Stewie, thinking he was frightened by the power outage. Peter, on his way to the Clam, spots Quagmire, who was also watching porn when the power goes out, and Joe, and they all go to the Clam together, until Chris complains to Peter that he couldn't play an arcade game, then he decides to draw his own game. Stewie later appears and remembers a time where he defeated his half-brother, Bertram, with the help of Brian. After Peter comes out of the Clam drunk, Ernie the Giant Chicken fights Peter on a truck. Peter defeats the Ernie and returns to his family. They all are sitting on the couch when the power comes back on, but the TV picks up on Peter's porn and the game ends.



  • The power outage, the main focus of the game, should be noted that it first goes off at the Griffin house, as Brian believes that Peter forgot to pay the electric bill. However, there seemed to be power outages throughout Spooner St. as well as at the local arcade.

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