• Meg eats pizza, but has no lines.
  • Peter breaks the Fourth wall when he climbs the stairs by singing the Theme Song. He also comments that Stewie says the F-word on his part of the song.
  • Peter pretends to be James Franco when he gets trapped on the stairs by enrolling in a couple of college classes in order to have sex with girls not old enough to get into bars. Franco has been accused numerous times of sexual improprieties with underage girls, but had not been charged with a crime at the time of broadcast.[1]
  • Peter gets embarrassed when he forgets about the silent part in George Michael's "Faith".
  • Lois refers to Equus, a play about a man's sexual attraction to horses, as 'the one with Harry Potter's penis.' Daniel Radcliffe starred in the 2007 revival of the play.
  • When Peter is trapped in Quagmire's basement, he offers the first of his friends to help free him their own spin-off, although he amends that offer to cut Cleveland out.
  • In the cutaway gag of the recently divorced man with no kids, a can of Pawtucket Patriot Ale sits on his TV tray.

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