Trivial pursuit
  • Product Dimensions: 13 x 10 x 7 inches
  • ASIN: B003HC9I38
  • Manufacturer recommended age: 12 years and up

Official Description

“Victory shall be mine!” Prove how much you know about Family Guy™ wherever you go! With 600 questions ranging in difficulty from Easy, Medium and Hard, will you be top dog with the most knowledge? It’s freakin’ sweet! Travel-sized game includes six categories of questions featuring: The Griffins, Around Town, Gags, Quotable, Wha-? and The Road To. . ., in addition to a custom die for on-the-go fun!

  • 600 questions with various degrees of difficulty (33% Easy, 33% Medium, 33% Hard)
  • 6 Family Guy categories: The Griffins, About Town, Gags, The Road to. . ., Quotables and Wha-?
  • Custom die with six category icons
  • Quick game play

This game also comes in a Travel Edition and Quick Play Edition with different packaging.

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