• The episode is dedicated to musician Warren Luening, who worked on Family Guy as a trumpeter.[1]
  • The episode is a sequel to "Family Guy Viewer Mail No. 1" and is the third anthology episode, the second being "Three Kings".
  • The episode is officially spelled with a hashtag as "Family Guy Viewer Mail #2". Due to Wikia's formatting, we cannot use the # in the title.
  • Steve Callaghan reported at the 2012 San Diego Comic Con that no fan submissions were actually used in the episode.[2]
  • British Peter "Neville" gets into a brief slap fight with an English Pheasant in a parody of Peter's fights with Ernie the Giant Chicken, after which they exchange pleasantries.
  • Stewie is given a southern American accent in "Chap of the Manor" as contrast to his normal British accent.
  • Neville shoves a carton of cigarettes in Collingswood's face in a repeat of the same gag in "Screams of Silence: The Story of Brenda Q." and "Trading Places".
  • In another variation of the Cool Whip gag, British Stewie pauses at Brian's pronunciation of "whim".
  • Neville hurts his knee during a chase, but instead of saying "aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh", he simply says "bugger".
  • Neville repeats "Row House" in reference to their home in a parody of the Road House gag.
  • "Rockin' Robin" by Bobby Day plays as Peter transforms the various Quahog citizens into Robin Williams.
  • In "Fatman and Robin", Peter's powers seem to escalate as time goes by. When Peter was trying to kill himself the things he used turned into Robin. But earlier other things he touched like his beer, his bed and his couch all stayed the same and when Peter falls on the stone and it turned into Robin, he did not touch it with his hands, only with his belly.
  • In "Point of Stew", Meg tries to give Stewie her ring which Stewie notes as a red flag as the giving away of possessions is a sign of suicide.
  • In reality, Stewie wouldn't be able to hold on to Brian's muffler as temperatures would reach several hundred degrees within minutes. On a related issue, the engine on Brian's 2004 Toyota Prius is a hybrid, and should have started in electric mode when he turned it on, not gas mode. The electric mode would not have expelled the Twinkie as there are no hot gases escaping from the engine.
  • In the beginning of the episode, Stewie jokes that the show was based on The Simpsons, but later claims it is based on a British television show leading to the "Chap of the Manor" segment.
  • When talking about the Queen, Quagmire says he would like to "mash my banger into her blood pudding". Bangers and mash, and blood pudding, referred to as black pudding, are traditional British food.
  • The August 12, 2014 rebroadcast of this episode on Adult Swim was replaced with "Chitty Chitty Death Bang", following the death by suicide of actor Robin Williams the previous day.[3] The episode also aired on BBC Three moments before his death was announced.[4]

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