Farmton is a location near Quahog where the Griffins bought a farm in "Farmer Guy". Arriving, they adjust to farm life but Lois delivers news that they are hemorrhaging money and are in danger of losing the farm. Brian offers to go to college to learn something of value in farming to help out and heads out.

During a tornado, they take shelter in a storm cellar and discover a meth lab. Lois wants to call the police but Peter decides to use it to get back on their feet. Despite her reservations she agrees to make meth just long enough to get profitable. Peter becomes paranoid as he develops a carrier pigeon delivery system as Stewie buys cough syrup. Brian returns to find the farm and the family has gone to hell. A news report reveals that the family is responsible for a flood of drugs into Quahog, causing more problems. Lois packs up to go home and convinces the family they need to return to as the house blows up. Luckily, they were able to buy their old house back after property values plummeted during the crime wave.

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