Get Yourself an Abortion Today!
Cut Family Guy Song

Cut Family Guy Song

From the episode: Partial Terms of Endearment
Singers: Barbershop Quartet
Voices: Barbershop Quartet

"Get Yourself an Abortion Today!" is a musical number that was cut from the episode "Partial Terms of Endearment" when Lois Griffin went to the Family Planning Center to consider having an abortion.


Barbershop Quartet: So you got knocked up and now you want to get an abortion

Cause the baby's not so welcome anymore

You might have heard about a place that's just for pregnant chicks

Abortion there is safer than behind the Motel 6

Now it doesn't matter why you gotta get an abortion

If the condom broke or if you're just a whore

You'll get unlaid because of Roe v. Wade

Which made it all OK

Get yourself an abortion today!

Now in case you're having second thoughts about your abortion

Just remember that it's not a baby yet

It has a shape that's kind of like a snail without a shell

And if it crawled into this room you'd run like bloody hell!

Now you may have some concerns about the risks of abortion

But you're really just as safe as you can get

Incest or rape, with a magical scrape

Are simply whisked away

Get yourself an abortion today!

We really mean it

Get yourself an abortion today!

Bop bop bop


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