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Girl, Internetted
Meg finds internet fame.

Season: 17 Episode: 19
Total Episode Count: 328
Prod. no.: HACX17
First Aired: May 5, 2019

Guest Starring: Sam Elliott, Denis Leary
Featuring: Meg Griffin, Peter Griffin
Also Appearing: Stewie, Brian, Lois, Chris, Joe, Bonnie, Cleveland, Dr. Hartman, Corey, Tom Tucker, Patty, Ruth, Esther, Principal Shepherd, Seamus, Rupert, Consuela, Grumpy Cat, Logan Paul, Ted Williams, Tyler Oakley, Lele Pons, GloZell, Joey Graceffa, Paul McCartney, Mark Ruffalo
Director: Joe Vaux

Assistant Director: Mark Covell
Writers: Chris Regan
Storyboarders: Francis Dinglasan, Dante Leandado, Steven K.L. Olson

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When the family attends a streaming convention, Peter's challenge to Corey to make Meg an internet celebrity results in her starting her own online show in which she would eat anything she could find. However, this takes its toll on her during a live appearance at Cream Queen in which she collapses in a diabetic coma.

Meanwhile, after Stewie and Brian get kicked out of the convention after the latter makes a sexually suggestive comment to a young woman, they are in involved in an accident when they fall asleep at the wheel while listening to NPR. After being insulted for driving a 'girly' car, Brian insists on their most macho loaner car available and is given a Hummer. Luckily, he is available to help rush Meg to the hospital when she collapses.

At the hospital, Meg and the family learns that she has become diabetic, but her taste for fame drives her to continue her eating while becoming a spokesperson for Pancresta, and it soon costs her her feet. When she is honored at school, she realizes that all of her friends have become fat because of her. As she pledges to eat healthy and try to save what's left of her health, the bleachers the students are on collapses, resulting in the death of a janitor. Dr. Hartman is able to give Meg a foot transplant from the body.

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When the time comes for Brian to give back the Hummer after his car is repaired, he is heartbroken but Stewie manages to wreck the rear end of his Prius again so that they can keep it for a couple of extra weeks. They decide to tease environmentally conscious Mark Ruffalo by doing donuts on his lawn, but find out to their dismay that he really is the Hulk as he pitches them and the Hummer into New Hampshire.

In several smaller gags though the episode, Joe and Chris share a Shining experience when not only does Joe note that Meg is about to lose her feet, but when Peter kills Cleveland. Peter, high on Pancresta, turns into a smiling beam of light and encourages Lois to get high on it as well.

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