Gonna Buy Me a Rainbow
From the episode: Don't Make Me Over
Singers: Meg Griffin, Peter Griffin, Lois Griffin, Chris Griffin, Brian Griffin, Stewie Griffin
Voices: Tara Strong (Meg), Seth MacFarlane, Alex Borstein, Seth Green

"Gonna Buy Me a Rainbow" is a song performed by Meg and the Griffins multiple times in"Don't Make Me Over". It was their only #1 hit.

The voice of Meg is usually done by Mila Kunis. Due to Kunis's claim of poor singing, When Meg is heard singing this song, her voice is done by Tara Strong.



Meg: with soft accompaniment ♪ Cloudy skies and rain clouds ♪ ♪ Have come to stay ♪ ♪ Windy nights and sad sights won't go away ♪

Family: ♪ Sha-la-la-la-la ♪

Meg: ♪ But I want to be without a care ♪ ♪ Unicorns and butterflies everywhere ♪

Family: driving rhythm kicks in ♪ Gonna, gonna, gonna, gonna, gonna, gonna ♪ ♪ Buy me a rainbow ♪ ♪ Gonna, gonna, gonna, gonna, gonna, gonna ♪ ♪ Wrap it up in a great big bow ♪

Meg: ♪ The time is right, it's day not night ♪ ♪ Just open up your heart ♪ ♪ It'll be all right ♪

Family: ♪ Gonna, gonna, gonna, gonna, gonna, gonna buy me a ♪♪rainbow!♪

Meg: ♪ Buy me a rainbow! ♪

Family: ♪ Rainbow! ♪

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