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Goodbye Horses
Buffalo Chris.png

Buffalo Chris
From the episode: Stew-Roids
Singers: Chris Griffin
Voices: Seth Green

"Goodbye Horses" is a 1988 song sung by Q Lazzarus. It was written and produced by William Garvey. The song is sung by the female singer Q Lazzarus.The song is notably featured in the film The Silence of the Lambs during the scene in which serial killer "Buffalo Bill" applies make-up and dances in front of a video camera with his penis tucked between his legs as to give the appearance of a female mons.

Chris Griffin parodies Buffalo Bill's song and dance from the movie in "Stew-Roids". The DVD version replaces the words "do me" with "fuck me".

Seth Green, the voice of Chris, auditioned for Family Guy with a "Buffalo Bill" impression.


Chris: Would you do me?
I would do me
I'd do me so hard
[Peter enters Chris' room]
Peter: Hey Chris.. what's that, did you sit on something? HEYAHOIKAHEEWHOOWHAAHEAHEYKAHYAHOOAHMEMAHEKAHHOOWAH!