Graduation (Friends Forever)
From the episode: Baby Stewie
Singers: Stewie Griffin
Voices: Seth MacFarlane

"Graduation (Friends Forever)" is a song by American pop singer Vitamin C. The song is notable for commonly being played at high school graduations.

Stewie sings "Graduation (Friends Forever)" as a tribute to his old self as he prepares to rearrange his DNA in order to preserve his intelligence in "Baby Stewie". His actions confuse Brian who interrupts his song during the intended climax.


Stewie: As we go on

We remember

All the times we

Brian: What are you doing?

Stewie: I'm singing to my old self.

Had together

[Back to Brian] It's a really nice moment I'm making.

And as our lives change

Come whatever

Brian: Do you want me to leave?

Stewie: Shut up! I timed it to go off when I... [machine starts to operate]

[Hurried] We will still be

Friends forever

[To Brian] Thanks a lot, dick.

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