Grape Song
From the episode: Stand By Meg
Singers: Grapes
Voices: chorus

The "Grape Song" is sung at first by a bowl of whole grapes and then by a solo grape that tempt Stewie at a birthday party in "Stand By Meg". As he swallows the whole grape, he starts to choke until saved by Meg.


Bowl of Grapes: Come and eat us, we won't choke you
Put us in your cheeks
Stewie: Oh, okay. These grapes seem nice enough. They said they won't choke me.
[As Stewie swallows one, he starts to choke]
Solo grape: You should have sliced us, skinned us, cut us
Now you have no air, Ha! Ha! Ha!
[Meg notices Stewie]
Meg: Oh my God, Stewie!, you're choking!
[Meg does the Heimlich maneuver and forces the grape out]
Solo grape: Soar-ing though the airrr...
Stewie: Meg, you saved me! You''re my hero!
Meg: [Not really understanding Stewie] I am not letting you out of my sight again. [drags him off]
Solo grape: Here I lie, on the ground
What of me now?
No bowl, no bunch, no stems
But is here, where I begin again
Today, I begin the life that I dreame...
Oop, there's a foot. [gets crushed]
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