Meg: [Telling her family about making the Olympic team] I'm a bi...
Stewie: Knew it.
Meg: ...athlete.
Stewie: Didn't know it.
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Lois: [Taking a sniff before realizing she's alone] That's weird, it doesn't smell like open butt in here.

[Meg is disappointed in her family, for not knowing she's a skier]
Meg: How could you guys not know about this? I've been training for years.
[Flashback to the barfing scene from "8 Simple Rules for Buying My Teenage Daughter"]
Brian: Peter, ... Peter, I need you to hold my ears. [barfs]
[Peter, Chris, Brian, and Stewie stop barfing, and Lois enters.]
Lois: Who wants chowder?
[Peter, Chris, Brian, and Stewie all barf again, and Meg enters]
Meg: Okay, I'm off to go train for the Olympics ... ew.
[Flashback to Stewie pestering Lois from "Stewie Loves Lois"]
Stewie: Mom! Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Mama!
[Meg enters]
Meg: Hey, Ma, I'm gonna go train for the Olympics.
Stewie: Mama! Mama! Ma!
[Flashback to Stewie eating broccoli from "I Never Met the Dead Man"]
Stewie: My goal becomes clear. The broccoli must die.
[Meg enters]
Meg: [in her Lacey Chabert voice] Alright, I'm off to train for the Olympics.

Peter: Ow, my balls!

Chris: I'm the Quahog edging champion.

Lacey Chabert: You're going down, Meg!
Meg: Lacey Chabert?
Lacey Chabert: That's right. This should be my Olympics!
Meg: Shut up, Meg!
Lacey Chabert: No, you shut up, Meg!
Meg: No, you shut up, Meg!
Peter: [offscreen] Shut up, Megs!

[The family, except for Stewie, burns their mouths on hot chocolate]
Stewie: Mine has whipped cream, so I didn't get it on the first sip.

Meg: I'm not really good at public speaking, so I'll just say ... farple shlup mucklebluck.

Cleveland: Yeah, mon. It be cold.

[Stewie sees about Tara Lipinski]
Stewie: Isn't she amazing? I feel like she's my soul mate.
Brian: How is she your soul mate?
Stewie: She looks like a baby, and she's best friends with a gay guy. Her life is my life.
Brian: I'm not gay.
Stewie: [chuckles nervously] Well, it's not me.

Johnny Weir: Can I just say, the shape of your head is stunning.
Stewie: Really? I get a lot of grief for it. Some people say it looks like a football.
Johnny Weir: Okay, I don't know what this is.

Johnny Weir: Nothing normal looks good.

Stewie: You two are the best thing to happen to sports, since The New York Knicks finally changed their name.
[Cutaway to a New York Knicks game]
Basketball Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome your 2018 New York pieces of dog shit.

[Stewie sees Tara Lipinski coming]
Stewie: Oh, God. Here she comes. Act like I said something funny.
Brian: I don't know, Stewie. I think The Special Olympics serve an important purpose.

Korean Train Condutor: This illegal! I want you off train!
Peter: Ah, what are you gonna do about it? You're just a train conductor... [notices the conductor's foot] ...who was a huge kicking foot?
[Peter gets kicked out of the train by a the conductor's comically over sized foot]
Peter: Where the hell am I?
[Peter notices he has landed in North Korea]
Peter: Oh no! I'm in Iran Korea!

Chris: Well, at least I have a side, you neutral Swiss cowards!

[At the start of her race, Meg sees some empty seats where her family should be sitting and flips the empty seats off. A random guy, sitting near the seats, thinks it was directed at him.]
Guy: Me? Aw.
Announcer: Racers, take your mark.
[The race begins and the audience cheers, except for the one guy]
Guy: Go, everyone, but her!

Lois: What do you say, guys? Should we go home?
Peter: I don't know. I'm thinking maybe we can hang out a little longer. See what else Korea has to offer. [notices the train conductor, running up] Uh oh.
Korean Train Conductor: No! You leave Korea! Now!

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