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Grimm Job
A collection of Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm.

Season: 12 Episode: 10
Total Episode Count: 220
Prod. no.: BACX09
First Aired: January 12, 2014

Guest Starring: Brad Goreski, Ann Wilson, Nancy Wilson. Emily Osment
Featuring: :

Also Appearing: Bruce, Angela, Tricia Takanawa, Herbert, Tom Tucker, Maya, Georgie & Rick Porgie, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Stanley Kowalski, Bruce Jenner, Heart Uncensored version: Pinocchio, Cleveland Brown
Musical Numbers: These Beans, What About Beans, Tra-La-La

Director: Joe Vaux
Assistant Director: Mark Covell
Writers: Alec Sulkin
Storyboarders: Steve Robertson, Eric Sanford, Debbie Shin

Plot: When Lois sends Peter in to check on Stewie who is having trouble sleeping, he sits down to read Stewie some fairy tales.

"Jack and the Beanstalk”

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Jack's wife sends him out to sell their cow for money to buy food. Despite her warnings not to buy magic beans, he crosses paths with a troll who trades him magic beans for the cow. The wife is displeased and throws them outside wanting Jack to get a real job. That night, the beans grow into a giant beanstalk. Jack decides to climb it and discovers a castle in the clouds. There, he finds the goose that lays the golden eggs but wakes up the giant when he takes the goose. The giant challenges him to a fight but Jack chooses to run away and flees down the beanstalk where Rumpleforeskin is sawing it down for blocking his view of Little Miss Muffet's tuffet. Jack manages to get clear and the beanstalk falls and their troubles are solved.

"Little Red Riding Hood

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Red Riding Hood is given a basket of food to take to grandma and sets out through the forest. After encountering enchanted creatures, “she” runs into the wolf as they discuss the “three little pigs” as Red explains that she is on her way to grandma's. The wolf gets there first and tricks grandma into letting him into the house and eating her. After starting to go through the charade that the wolf is really grandma, Red can not longer keep it up and the wolf agrees, although he wonders why she is upset when he is aware that he is about to be slaughtered by the woodsman who chooses that moment to burst through the door and eviscerate the wolf with a chainsaw, exposing the remains of grandma, before rushing onto the next house as Red wonders if he was really the hero or just a lunatic as screams are heard.


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Cinderella is forced to work for her mean sisters when a message arrives with an invitation to a ball by Prince Charming. Cinderella dresses up but it torn to pieces by her sisters at her mother's urging. Crying, her fairy godmother arrives and grants her a new dress and carriage to go to the ball. At the ball, Charming meets the evil stepsisters and rejects their advances but falls for Cinderella. After they dance and start to kiss, the clock strikes midnight and Cinderella is forced to flee, running out of her glass slipper on the way out. The next day, the prince sends out his men to search for the girl who would fit the slipper. At Cinderella's house, he meets his dream girl and they were married until they separated seven months later.

Stewie falls asleep as Peter bids him and the other kids goodnight as Meg is seen having hanged herself in her room.

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