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Joe: Hey, it's a commercial. Jerome, switch over to The Redzone.
Quagmire: Screw that, I say we put on the Bone Zone.
Cleveland: What's that?
Quagmire: Oh, it's awesome. They show every sex scene on TV, without all the boring dialogue and plot.

Peter: I didn't see that in the newsletter this month. Just a big article about how to tailgate a speeding fire truck to get places faster.
[Cutaway to Peter tailgating a fire truck]
Peter: Wait til they get to the golf course and find out there's no fire.

Peter: Oh my God! Our new neighbor is Gronk!
[Lou Ferrigno walks up]
Lou Ferrigno: Hey, I'm your new mailman. Former star of The Incredible Hulk, Lou Ferrigno.
Peter: On any other day, that would be so exciting. Please give me my mail and go.

Gronk: And my pool is filled with my favorite food: soup with little shapes in it. Sponsored by Campbell Soup.
Joe: Oh, alphabet soup is my favorite too!
Gronk: What's an "alphabet"?
Joe: Nothing. What you said isn't anything.

[Brian and Stewie are in a car, surrounded by bees]
Brian: What the hell are we supposed to do? We're surrounded?
Stewie: Hang on, I got this. [texting] Meg, come outside. We have Pinkberry.

Joe: You think their wi-fi is Badgetown? Yeah, that's probably them. Look at that. No password.

Lois: Thank goodness we finally have our neighborhood back.
Peter: Yeah, now maybe Wilson can move back in and give me homespun wisdom over the fence.
Lois: Peter, that was Home Improvement.
Peter: It's exhausting, that you never just go with something I say.

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