Guys & Dolls
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From the episode: Tales of a Third Grade Nothing
Singers: Brian, Frank Sinatra, Jr.
Voices: Seth MacFarlane, Frank Sinatra Jr.

Guys and Dolls is a 1955 musical film starring Marlon Brando, Jean Simmons, Frank Sinatra and Vivian Blaine. The film was made by the Samuel Goldwyn Company, released by MGM, written for the screen and directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz and produced by Samuel Goldwyn. The film is based on the Broadway musical by Frank Loesser, who composed the music and wrote the lyrics. The book was adapted by Jo Swerling and Abe Burrows from The Idyll Of Miss Sarah Brown and Blood pressure, two short stories by Damon Runyon.

Brian and Frank Sinatra, Jr. sing the theme from the musical in the beginning of "Tales of a Third Grade Nothing". Bruce liked the performance.


Together: Call it hell, call it heaven

It's probable twelve to seven

That the guy's only doing it for some doll

Some doll, some doll

The guy's only doing it for some doll!

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