H. Jon Benjamin (born May 23, 1966) is an American comedian and actor, known mostly for his extensive voice acting. He is sometimes credited as Jon Benjamin. He is widely known for his characters on various Adult Swim shows. He is best known for the characters of Jason on Home Movies, and Ben on Dr. Katz. He was the host of his own Comedy Central sketch show called Jon Benjamin Has a Van and is the voice of Bob Belcher on FOX's animated series Bob's Burgers. He is also the voice of Sterling Archer in FX's animated series Archer.

On Family Guy he is the voice of Carl, the manager of the Quahog Mini-Mart, who debuted in "Deep Throats".

In Blue Harvest, his character from the Adult Swim show Home Movies, Coach McGuirk can be seen briefly in the background of the Mos Eiseley Cantina scene.

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