• Stewie appears in this episode, but he has no speaking lines.
  • According to the training video, Millennials count taking selfies at Auschwitz as an "authentic experience."
    • Also according to the video, loving sriracha or Austin, Texas counts as a personality.
  • When Peter becomes a millennial, Hammer has him be on fleek by riding Falkor.
  • Hammer's dying wish is to have his body chopped up and served as street tacos.
  • Mayor West reads from the book of Just Jared at Hammer's funeral.
  • Joe is placed in the corner after bringing up Leeroy Jenkins, which was previously used in "Veteran Guy".
  • When the taxi driver first appears, he has gray skin due to him barely being alive, but after an unspecified amount of time, in the next scene when he's driving his skin is back to normal.
  • Peter's "Looping GIF of black teens reacting to a very mild burn" is based on the YouTube series, Supa Hot Fire[1] with a scene turned into a gif.[2]
  • Meg had previously mentioned to Chris using rice to dry cell phones in "An App a Day".
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