Haven't Met You Yet
From the episode: Take My Wife
Singers: Bublé Wrap
Voices: Danny Smith

"Haven't Met You Yet" is the first single from Canadian singer Michael Bublé's fourth album, Crazy Love, released on August 31, 2009.

Stewie gets excited about dressing up for dinner when grandpa Carter Pewterschmidt watches the kids in "Take My Wife", setting up a cutaway of playing with "Bublé Wrap" which sings an altered version of "Haven't Met You Yet" as he pops the bubbles.


Bublé Wrap: I just haven't met you yet
Stewie: Oh, cool.
Bublé Wrap: Your mom thinks of me when she's doing your dad
Stewie: What?
Bublé Wrap: Seriously, I drive all the women nuts
I can make your mom and aunt kiss
Stewie: This is a very skeevy packing product.
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