• Meg does not appear in this episode, although she is mentioned as liking Peter and Lois' Facebook check-in at the adult book store.
  • The band Smash Mouth is scheduled to play at the adult bookstore that Peter and Lois shop at.
  • Although he is normally the clerk at the Quahog Mini-Mart, Carl is also working at the adult bookstore.
  • Chris' Greek character is named ACL, short for anterior cruciate ligament. ACL is a painful tearing of the ligaments to the knee caused by a sudden movement. He is paired with Stewie's Achilles, a mythological Greek warrior during the Trojan war, known for his heel being his only weakness.[1][2]
  • Stewie's discussion of Socrates includes asking about drinking wine, keeping secrets and being his fault, hinting at molestation.
  • Stewie notes that all three of Helen's fathers will be attending her wedding. According to legend, her father was Zeus who seduced her mother while in the shape of a swan, while her mother's husband was King Tyndareus of Sparta.
  • Peter mentions Launchpad McQuack, a sidekick of Darkwing Duck.[3]
  • "Dancing Queen" by ABBA plays during Paris and Helen's wedding in a nod to the film Mamma Mia!.
  • Peter says that the leads in Romeo and Juliet are preteens; actually, Juliet is 13 and Romeo is implied to be several years older.[4]
  • In the Romeo and Juliet segment, The Drunken Clam is parodied as Ye Soused Mackerel.
  • The theme for The Facts of Life was used as dance music added in post-production in the Fatal Attraction segment.
  • The Inspector Gadget theme plays as the sex scene music added in post-production.
  • Although the music in the original film from the lamp scene is from Madame Butterfly, the aria here is Vesti la giubba from Pagliacci as is was performed in a Kellogg's commercial from the 1960s: 'out of Rice Krispies'. This is repeated during the rabbit scene.[5]
    • Meg previously copied the light switch scene from Fatal Attraction in "Barely Legal".
  • Although the role is given to Stewie in this episode, in the film Fatal Attraction, the Gallagher's have a daughter named Ellen, not a son.
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