Stewie's daycare teacher is shocked

Herpe, the Love Sore
Brian gives Stewie an STD.

Season: 12 Episode: 16
Total Episode Count: 226
Prod. no.: BACX16
First Aired: April 6, 2014

Guest Starring: Bryan Cranston
Featuring: Brian, Stewie Griffin
Also Appearing: Peter, Chris, Lois, Meg, Quagmire, Joe, Bonnie, Kevin Swanson, Seamus, Cleveland, Rupert, Mayor Adam West, Mort Goldman, Charlotte, Jenna, Elton, Animal, Janice, Dr. Teeth, Handy Manny, Dorothy, The Scarecrow, The Tin Woodsman, The Cowardly Lion, Clint Eastwood, Bryan Cranston, Devo, Robert Mapplethorpe, Donna Summer
Musical Numbers: Whip It

Director: Greg Colton

Assistant Director: Young Baek
Writers: Andrew Goldberg
Storyboarders: Francis Dinglasan, Ron Smith, Pablo Solis


Quagmire's mail is delivered to Peter's house and he decides to open it to find a whip and has fun with it around town and even visits Cleveland.

As Brian watches television, Stewie arrives to see a blood brothers ritual. As Brian explains how it is done, Stewie insists on trying it with him and they share their blood. Stewie awakes the next day to find he has a herpes sore and angrily confronts Brian who insists there is no way he is responsible until Stewie proves otherwise. Brian tries to dismiss his concerns but Stewie has all sorts of problems with his personal contacts. He tries to cover up the sore but when the teacher removes his disguise. As he confesses to Rupert, Chris overhears and reveals that he also has herpes from Brian who spread it intentionally. While Brian takes a girl out on a date, Chris and Stewie screw up his chance with his date to Brian's frustration. Brian finds his Facebook account hacked and demands to know what they want. Chris takes off in Brian's car and Stewie reveals that he can't trust his best friend. Brian apologizes and insists he'll never lie again. Brian explains that it will likely only flare up while Stewie is stressed as a shot of the future shows Stewie breaking out during a job interview.


Meanwhile, the guys arrive at The Drunken Clam to find their usual booth taken by three tough guys. They approach to point out that it is their usual table and are told that the new guys plan on taking it over and they are no longer allowed to use it as they sheepishly leave. Sitting at the bar, they find things just aren't the same and admit they are cowards. They find their friends and family have lost respect for them. But when Lois finds out, she forces Peter to stand up for himself. He gathers the guys and Joe joins him to confront the guys although Quagmire refuses to go along. But when Peter and Joe confront the tough guys, Quagmire joins in as they all fight. As they start to get their tails kicked, Peter whips out a can of spinach which doesn't quite work as well as Peter expected. Despite taking another punch, Peter refuses to give up and explains the significance of it. The tough guys reveal that it isn't worth fighting over as they are shipping out to Afghanistan the following day and are hailed as heroes while the guys still fail to gain any respect.

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