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High School English
The Griffins feature an anthology of classic literature.

Season: 15 Episode: 07
Total Episode Count: 276
Prod. no.: EACX04
First Aired: November 20, 2016


Peter: Tom Buchanan, Huckleberry Finn, Slim
Lois: Daisy Buchanan, Widow Douglas
Meg: Jordan Baker, Curley’s wife
Chris: Tom Sawyer, Lenny Small
Stewie: Nick Carraway, Pap Finn, George Milton
Brian: Jay Gatsby, Pig, Puppy
Joe: George Wilson, The Duke
Bonnie: Myrtle Wilson
Quagmire: The King, Curley
Cleveland: Jim
Also Appearing: Mort, RJ, Satan, Mark Twain, Rush
Musical Numbers: Tom Sawyer (song), Jeepers Creepers

Director: Steve Robertson

Assistant Director: Pablo Solis
Writers: Ted Jessup
Storyboarders: Won Ki Cho, Francis Dinglasan, Bao Nguyen

Plot: After Peter drives his car into a well-to-do family's house, he is locked in the library by the owner. To pass the time until the police arrive, he reads literature that he failed to complete in high school, starting with The Great Gatsby...

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The story opens in Long Island in 1922 as Nick arrives in town. Disturbed by a party next door, he introduces himself and meets Jay Gatsby who fails to impress him. He points out the location of the love of life, Daisy, who happens to be Nick's cousin. Despite the fact that she is married, he agrees to introduce the pair. Jay impresses her with his wealth although her behavior is a little strange. Her husband Tom, a man of older wealth starts to send him packing but they go for a drive first. Stopping at a service station, he has sex with Myrtle, the owner's wife, before heading to New York where he proceeds to show Jay how to act classy, but Jay matches him and wins over Daisy. Driving home together with a drunken Daisy behind the wheel, Myrtle mistakes the driver for Tom and runs in front of them and is killed. As Nick wanders away during Jay's swim, George the mechanic arrives and shoots him for killing his wife.

Peter escape to the attic where he hides from the police. Nosing through a trunk and playing with the outfits, he gives away his location and segues to Huckleberry Finn as the police close in.

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We are introduced to our primary characters and Huck deals with his abusive dad. He decides to fake his own death by killing a pig and running away. He meets Jim, an escaped slave and they set off downriver where they are swept over a water fall. They sail on where they encounter a pair of con men. The next morning, Huck awakens back home looking for Jim who reveals that skipping ahead in the book, he's free as Tom notes that Rush wrote a song about him, which proceeds to a concert.

As Peter is being arrested, he leads right to Of Mice and Men...

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George and Lenny work their way toward a ranch and a job. As they work, Slim introduces them to some puppies although Lenny accidentally crushes one. They are also introduced to Curley and his wife, whose flirtations result in Curley challenging Lenny to a fight and having his hand crushed. As George goes out for the evening, Curley's wife shows up again and flirts with Lenny, who takes her invitation to "destroy her" the wrong way and kills her. At a show, George is called away and finds that Lenny is about to be hanged. To distract him and keep him from knowing his fate, he tells him a story about their future as he shoots him in the back of the head. With those happy thoughts, Stewie wishes the kids good night and good luck with those book reports.

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