• This episode replaced a previously registered script titled "Quagmire Guy".
  • The Griffins are sheltering from hurricane Michael Caine, which is said to be 100 times more impressive than hurricane Dean Cain.
  • With Brian tied up in the backyard during a hurricane, Meg is interested in replacing him with a bird.
  • Lois considers the Bible to be Harry Potter for stupid people.
  • While telling the story of Noah, Peter borrows and acknowledges material from Bill Cosby, using his bits "Right", which was later renamed "Noah", and "Chocolate Cake for Breakfast".[1][2]
  • Wombats really do produce cube-shaped droppings.[3]
  • El Torito, the setting of Family Guy's Last Supper, is an actual Mexican restaurant chain.[4]
  • The episode ends on a double cutaway gag of Chris being a night time security guard, and then noting that Dianetics made him 'not gay.'
  • Stewie has a quick change scene of wearing an open shirt and cross to returning to his usual overalls when Peter begins to read the Bible.
  • According to tradition, Adam and Eve didn't start wearing leaves until after eating from the tree of knowledge, which made them realize they were naked.
  • Christian Bale's actual rant was against the Terminator Salvation director of photography, not a cameraman.
  • Peter claims that Noah's sons married incestuously, but in the Bible they bring their wives with them on the ark and there is no suggestion that they are related.
  • Peter mentions Paul as one of the disciples, but Paul was not one of the Twelve, and didn't become a Christian until after the crucifixion. He later mentions Luke, who wasn't one of the Twelve either.[5]

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