Horatio is the subject of Lois' creative writing project in "Family Guy Lite".

When Brian reads her manuscript of a blond hunk wearing a cape and riding a horse, he at first interprets it to be a fantasy. However, his attempt to bring that fantasy to life falls flat. Seeking a bottle of wine described in the manuscript with Stewie at Stop 'N Shop, they find a clerk named Horatio that matches her description. Wondering if she's having an affair, their suspicions are aroused when she says she's going to the grocery store and won't be home until late. They spy Horatio getting into her car and follow her to a stable. Confronting her and begging her not to have an affair, Brian reveals that not only did he read her manuscript but tried to use it to take advantage of her. Highly upset with Brian, Lois reveals that she met Horatio at a group home where he has learning disabilities, his cape being part of an old Darth Vader costume, and she takes him to the stables so he can be with the horses.

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