• The title is a reference to both the "Hot Pocket" brand of snack sandwiches, and to the practice of "pocket dialing" which is when a cell phone is accidentally activated while in the user's pocket.
  • Peter and Lois' visit to Auschwitz mimics the common opening for Walt Disney Pictures used since 2006.[1]
  • Carter awakens thinking of the song "How Much Is That Doggy in the Window".
  • Stewie compares the appearance of both Neil and Mort Goldman to Coachella, referring to the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.[2]
  • Quagmire walking naked through a medieval town with Peter yelling "shame" is a reference to Game of Thrones, specifically the walk of shame done by Cersei Lannister in the episode "Mother's Mercy".
  • Peter's line of "I'm going over there right now and hit him with a shovel like a white trash YouTube girl" is a reference to a viral video of a fight between two teenage girls, Miranda Fugate and Emily Olinger, during which Olinger hit Fugate in the back of the head when she threw a shovel at her. [3]

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