I'm So Happy to Finally Be Back Home
From the episode: Lottery Fever
Singers: Peter Griffin, Joe Swanson, Glenn Quagmire, Eduard Khil
Voices: Seth MacFarlane, Patrick Warburton, chorus

I'm So Happy to Finally Be Back Home or Trololo is a song that appears in "Lottery Fever". The song is a reference to an internet meme.[1]



Peter: Hey, Horace, give us three shots of your best bourbon. And have that Russian waiter I like bring it over.

Eduard Khil: Lalalalalalalalalalaa ohohohooooh

Lalalalalalalalalalala... Ohohohohoho!

Peter: Hohohohoho!

Eduard Khil: Hohohohoho!

Quagmire: Hohohohoho!

Eduard Khil: Lalalalalalalalalalalolololololololalalalalaa

Everyone: Laaaa-la-lo-laaa

Joe: Lalalaaalaaalaala

Everyone: Lalalalalaaa

Peter: Ba ba-ba-da-da-da-da-da

Eduard Khil: Lololaalaala-la

Peter: Boy, you wouldn't guess from that smile that all his kids were stillborn, huh?

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