I Can't Poop in Strange Places
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From the episode: In Harmony's Way
Singers: Peter Griffin, Glenn Quagmire
Voices: Seth MacFarlane

"I Can't Poop in Strange Places" is performed by Peter Griffin and Glenn Quagmire during open mic at the Quahog Public Library in "In Harmony's Way" as they try to contend with patrons that just want to use the library materials.


Peter: I can't poop in strange places

Quagmire: Strange places

Peter: I can only poop in my home

It's as though I'm watched by strange faces

Quagmire: Strange faces

Peter It's why I never roam

Patron: Excuse me, I just wanna grab one of those newspapers.

Quagmire: Just grab one and go!!

Patron: I'm looking for a job, okay?!!

Peter: I've left Stewie alone with strangers

Quagmire: Strangers...

Peter: To satisfy my fecal needs...

Together: I've put my whole family in danger

To poop before my anus bleeds

Home bowl, home bowl

You know just what I need

Home bowl, home bowl

Poop before my anus bleeds

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