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  • Jesus is a fan of Infinity Ward's first person shooter Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.
  • Peter breaks the fourth wall in this episode: when Jesus disapproves of George Bush's policies, Peter turns to the camera and says "Boy wouldn't it be great if life were like this?"
  • In "Petergeist", Stewie says Jesus' last name is Hong. In this episode, Stewie still calls him Jesus Christ.
  • Brian's atheism is hinted at again following "Love, Blactually" when he is shown to be skeptical about Jesus. Despite seeing Jesus before him, Brian didn't turn to faith.
  • When Jesus is a guest on The Tonight Show, the band plays "O Little Town of Bethlehem", a Christmas carol.
  • At the record store where Peter discovers Jesus, there are various posters hanging on the wall and counter, including the album covers of In Utero by Nirvana, Automatic for the People by R.E.M., and Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd, as well as the logos of the bands Aerosmith, Van Halen, and Led Zeppelin. There is also a poster of Eddie Van Halen's homemade guitar, Frankenstrat.
  • The line where Peter realizes how fast he went from normality to the celebrity life before losing his train of thought is stated at the Hollywood party in the uncensored version, but in the censored version, it is said at the MTV Movie Awards.
  • As revealed in the episode commentary, the original song on the jukebox that would set the plot in motion, was "The Streak" by Ray Stevens. However, Stevens would not allow the show to use the song.
  • After airing on BBC Three, "Surfin' Bird" released in the U.K and reached #50 in the charts.[1]
  • Seth MacFarlane was nominated for both a Primetime Emmy Award and an Annie Award for playing Peter Griffin on this episode. He lost to Dan Castellaneta for playing Homer Simpson in the Emmys and Ahmed Best for playing Jar Jar Binks on Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode II at the Annies. [2] [3]

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