• During the scene where the family goes on a picnic, Stewie is nowhere to be seen.
  • Wile E. Coyote appears riding in a car with Peter & they run over Road Runner in the middle of the desert.
  • Sunny, the mascot for Kellogg’s Raisin Bran, dumps two scoops of giant raisins over the town.
  • In one of the Star Trek cutaways, Captain Kirk (Shatner) claims the mission will be dangerous, and one of them will likely die. He then brings along, among others, Ensign Ricky, a Redshirt. When Shatner is later run over, Ensign Ricky appears and says, "Man, I did not see that one coming."
  • CHiPs is also parodied. In it, Ponch pulls over a blonde-haired driver and flirts with her, as two gangs involved in a drive by shooting pass behind him, as well as a semi which is clearly labeled "Pure Uncut Cocaine".
  • The weather control device options are listed as they would be seen clockwise from the top: Tornado, Partly Cloudy, Hurricane, Apocalypse, Sandstorm, Pestilence, Freezing Rain and Blizzard. The Apocalypse option shows a crudely drawn trefoil-like symbol, indicating that this choice is some sort of nuclear disaster.
  • The TV has antennas on it, but they use cable. MacFarlane explains in the DVD commentary that this helps distinguish the TV from a microwave.
  • The gun which Stewie uses to destroy the phone in the yard is used again on later episodes, but in this episode it is yellow, instead of blue.
  • When Brian reminds Peter of the time he tried to quit candy, the show cuts to a parody of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Peter takes the place of Violet Beauregarde.
  • The Star Trek parody originated from Seth MacFarlane's short film "Life of Larry", except Ensign Ricky said "Aw, shit" instead of "Aw, crap".
  • During the Scooby Doo cutaway, the gang's van is titled "The Murder Machine" instead of "The Mystery Machine."

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