• When Peter says "Come here, you basketball.", a large dot appears on his shorts then disappears.
  • While Joan is digging through Peter's belly button, Peter says "This could be a fun afternoon" when the wide shot of Quahog before that scene is night time.
  • During the fake death video, Quagmire is shot by Cleveland, dressed as a Nazi, with a toy gun that propels a small, blue ball. The ball bounces off Quagmire and remains lying on the ground while Peter, dressed as “An Evil Pots and Pans Robot”, attacks Quagmire. The ball disappears after the cutaway inside Quagmire’s house though it can still be seen on the television behind Peter.
  • When Quagmire and Joan are on the beach the wine bottle has no shadow.
  • After the Malcolm in the Middle clip, Brian's dog tag disappears, when Lois approaches him on the sofa, his dog tag reappears.

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