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Brian: From the moment we arrived, I've either been drunk or ejaculating.
Stewie: These are things you don't say to a baby.

Peter: Huh. All these spray paint cans are empty.
[Spray paint drips out of Chris' nose]
Chris: [fake shock] What? Really? How could such a thing come to pass?

[Peter and Meg leave and Chris takes out a bottle of spray paint]
Chris: I thought they'd never leave, factory red.

Peter: So, I guess Thanos got the mind stone.
Quagmire: Wow, so now he's got all of them.
Peter: I guess so.
Quagmire: What does that mean for us?
Peter: I have no idea.
[Cleveland and Joe fade to dust]
Cleveland: I knew it was gunna be us!

Stewie: It's like a giant garbage Hwhirl pool ...
[Brian doesn't respond]
Stewie: You heard me.

Brian: Hey, Peter. Wanna go on a boat ride?
Peter: Oh, uh, I can't be in stories for a couple of episodes. I'm real life pregnant.

[Peter and Lois do 'edibles' at the aquarium]
Peter: This is awesome!
Lois: Peter, I'm freaking out!
Peter: Don't ... don't ... don't ruin it for me.

Stewie: ... Moana ...
Brian: Mmm, ... I never saw Moana.
Stewie: ... You never saw Moana!?

Brian: Whoa. Look at all the packaging from Mickey D's.
Stewie: [amused] What? Oh my God. I've never heard that. Mickey D's. That is just great.

Quagmire: You've opened up a whole world of middle aged legs to me.

[Quagmire plays the role of Pennywise the clown, in the sewer]
Quagmire: Please call the DWP. I'm stuck in here.

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