Kenneth Clark Loggins (born January 7, 1948) is an American singer-songwriter and guitarist. Known as the "Soundtrack King," his work includes the soundtracks to Footloose, Top Gun and Caddyshack.

His songs appear in the following episodes:

In addition, "sound-alike" music to the main theme to Top Gun is used in "Airport '07".

Loggins provides his own voice in "Veteran Guy" when a girl who calls him "dad" points out that two of his songs are used in the episode. He notes that it is great but he isn't her dad, only a groupie that he picked up for sex and introduces his actual daughter.

Loggins also voices himself onboard a 'Yacht Rock' cruise in "Yacht Rocky". But when the ship capsizes due to a rogue wave, Loggins becomes a casualty.

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