Kimi is Quagmire's date when the Griffins and their neighbors attend a couple retreat in the Bahamas in "Take My Wife".

The wives book a couples-only trip, misleading the guys into thinking it is a regular vacation. With Quagmire being the odd-man out, he invites Kimi to join him so they can go as well. However, they arrive to find it is a relationship counseling retreat. Noel the counselor observes that the couples seem poorly matched and re-pairs Kimi with Peter. When a revolt breaks out over the tourists by the locals, everyone is captured as the rebels threaten to execute the prisoners. Each original couple, including Kimi with Quagmire, is led out and gunshots are heard. But after Peter and Lois are "executed" last, they all discover that is was a performance to help each couple really remember the love they felt for their original partner.

Kimi's character design is also used for one of the members of Peter's bachelor party in "Peter & Lois' Wedding".

Kimi is voiced by Mae Whitman.

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