Mrs. Lana Lockhart is a former teacher at Buddy Cianci Junior High School. She makes her first appearance in "Fast Times at Buddy Cianci Jr. High" as the new English teacher, succeeding Brian Griffin, who himself succeeded Ms. Clifton. Upon meeting Mrs. Lockhart Chris Griffin immediately falls in love with her. He attempts to win her over by being spontaneous via "Naked Spaceman". Lana uses this as an advantage and tries to convince Chris to kill her husband. He however decides that the whole situation would be much easier if she divorced her husband and the two would live in the fort under his bed. Mrs. Lockhart however refuses his offer, and kills her husband by hiding a bear in his oatmeal. Mrs. Lockhart was last seen with the bear at a motel, and remains a national fugitive. She has very large breasts, and was often shown pulling objects out of her cleavage, including her student's tests, instructions, chalk, and a machete.

She also made a brief appearance as a cameo in the song "Peter is Slow" from "Petarded".

Lana is voiced by Drew Barrymore.

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