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Left Foot, Right Foot
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From the episode: Da Boom
Singers: Randy Newman
Voices: Will Sasso

"Left Foot, Right Foot" is an improvised song by Randy Newman about the Griffin family in "Da Boom". He survived the Y2K fiasco, and writes songs about his surroundings. It is later performed by the Griffin family as they head to the Carvel factory at the end of the episode, ending Pam Ewing's dream.



Randy Newman: Fat man with his kids and dog
Drove in through the mornin fog
Hey there, Rover, come on over
Lois: Well it's nice to have music while we eat.
Randy: Red-headed lady reachin' for an apple
Gonna take a bite, nope, nope
She's gonna breathe on it first
Wipes it on her blouse
She takes a bite, chews it once,
Twice, three times, four times, stops
Saliva workin'
Takes a long hard look at Randy
Five times
Fat old husband walkin over
Lois: Let's get the hell out of here.
Randy: Yeah, they're walkin' down the road
Left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot, left...
[Apple hits Randy in the head]
Chris: Left foot, right foot
Left foot, right foot
Left foot, right foot
Left foot...
Lois: [while Chris is singing] Chris... Please, Chris, mommy's got a very big headache. [yelling] Stop it! [Chris stops] [calmly] Thank you, sweetie.